Terms and Conditions

1.  No refunds available for tickets purchased to events.  You may however send someone else in your place, please just notify us their name.

2.  We will not be liable for any personal injury or loss suffered or incurred at any of our events/workshops.

3.  Your membership may not be transferred, suspended, exchanged or resold or redeemed for cash.

4.  We reserve the right to cancel/terminate your membership at any time if we feel that your behaviour in person or online has warranted this.

5.  The minimum term of our Membership agreement is 12 months.  You are agreeing to these terms when you sign up whether you have purchased a Monthly, Grandfathered or a Foundation Business or Social Membership.

6.  There are no refunds available with our membership program.

7. If you have a query or dispute in respect of our membership, please contact us in writing at members@womenofwhitehorse.com.au

9.  If we increase our fees, we will give you 1 month's notice of our intent to do so.

9.  An upfront Membership that continues past the minimum term shall convert to an ongoing Membership (once the purchaser has affirmed their acknowledgement, authorisation and agreement) as set out in ongoing direct debit of the monthly Membership payment).

10.  We may change the Membership terms at any time.